Hello, and welcome to this new blog about travel!
About me? well, let's just say that my parents got into me the travel virus, and I never stopped, taking one to two trips per years, and now, before turning 30, I decided to quit my job, say goodbyes and farewells to my friends, and travel alone for a year. Well, mostly around Australia, but who knows where the roads will lead me!
Why the title? because I will be "On the Road" for a year, and while travelling, I realized that the one thing I like best is to go all the way to the end of the road.
The end of the road is not an achievement, but it's not depressing either (even if the song that inspired the title of this blog is "End of all Hope"). For me it's the exclusive feeling of travelling until you cannot go any further, of being regularly the last one to be dropped off a bus, or taking a road that no tourist has ever taken.
And I hope to take you with me on my journey, to let you know of my experiences of the different countries I've visited and will visit.
Hope you enjoy it!

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