Thank you

I have come to realize that I now know how to say "Thank you" in several languages. I will put them here as I keep learning more. I personally think it's one of the two most useful words to learn in a foreign country, with "hello". It shows you care, at least a little. Actually it's the other way around. If you're not going to put in this tiny bit of effort to learn those words, it shows you're just one of those tourists that don't care and are just there for the pretty pictures, making life just that harder for the genuinely caring tourists...

So, in very approximate phonetics:

Thank you very much (EN)
Merci beaucoup (FR)
Muchas gracias (SP)
Grazie mille (IT)
Danke Schön (GE)
Chie-chie (CH)
Ka pum kra (TH)
Or krum (CB)
Cam On (VN)
Arigato gozaimasu (JP)
Spassiba (RU)
Salamat'po (PH)

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