My Impossible list

Thanks to a friend and his link to this website, I now believe that nothing is impossible. Therefore, I made my very own Impossible list, or more a list of life goals that I wish to achieve completely. Some of the items, I've already done, some I really wish to do one day. Here goes (with pics, or it didn't happen):

My Impossible List
 Visit Every Continent
  • North America 
Utah 2010

  • South America (Peru in 1995 and Mexico in 2003)
  • Europe (I'm French, so I've seen much of it)
  • Asia (Thailande, China, Mongolia...)
    Thailande 2010
  • Australia (and make a movie about it)
Australia 2012

  • Africa (Kenya, a very long time ago)
  • Antarctica
Go Swimming in Every Ocean
  • Pacific (Australia 2012)
  • Atlantic (again, I'm French, so you pretty much just need to go West to swim in the Atlantic)
  • Indian 
Maldives 2008

Do A Cross Country Road Trip New Zealand 2013
Travel For 1 Year Straight
Live on the beach in some tropical country for 1 month
Do A Round-The-World Trip
Obtain dual citizenship with another country

Adrenaline Rushes
Go Scubadiving
Maldives 2008
Go Paragliding (Seychelles, a long time ago)
Go Parasailing (French Pyrenees)
Learn Windsurfing (Cherbourg 2009)
Learn to Surf (Australia 2012 - Surfers Paradise)
Learn a new sport you'd never thought about (Golf, Ultima, Australia)
Climb a Volcano (Rangitoto, Tongariro)
Go Zorbing
Go Skydiving
Motueka 2013

Go Bungee Jumping

Learn a new job (Country pub barmaid, Ultima, Australia)
Go Volunteering (RDA Swan Hill, Australia)
See the Northern Lights and Do a Time Lapse Film of it (video coming soon...)
Go without Internet for a month
Become Fluent in 4 Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French (cheating, it's my mother tongue)

This is small for now, but as soon as I have a thought like "I wish I could do that, but that's impossible", I will update the list. And of course, I will also update it when I do something new!

What is your Impossible list?

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