Maldives 2008

Maldives is not a country you visit for the culture, to say the truth. Even if there were culture to discover, it's so overwhelmingly buried under the tourism industry that it is very hard to point out. Also, as each island is a resort of its own, I'm just going to give you an account of my experience.

We went in November, perfect period because the sun is shining most of the days (and when it's raining, it's purely refreshing), and there are not yet the Christmas holidays tourists. Once arrived in Malé, the capital island, the heat and humidity makes you more than welcome, and you can finally start the holidays. Once out of the international terminal, there is always someone to point out where to put your luggage for the next trip, as you are bound to take a seaplane to get to your resort island. And this trip alone is worth it: island jewels in a turquoise sea, it is splendid. And finally we arrive at our island, our little place in Paradise.

The first marvel out of your eyes, you realize that this paradise is only for the fortunates. Even though you already spent a fortune to be here, even the bottle of water needs to be paid for, and there are few things under 20 $...
But even then, the food is great, and once you face the sea while eating, you forget about money and understand that you know belong to the clichéd photo of lovers in an emerald and pristine sea. 

The island itself is very small, you can go around it in approximately half an hour, and all you see around is the sea. Remember the island jewels from the seaplane? You're now in one of them, lost in Paradise.

And then comes your first sunset on the island. Again, splendid.

But enough about the beauty of the island, you get the idea. Now there are two things that we packed outside of bathing suits: a small telescope, and diving equipment. If you have one of those, I truly recommend to bring them, as the beauties of the sky and sea have no limit.

During the first snorkelling, you realize very quickly all the riches of the ocean, and not far from the beach, the reef plunges deeper and, yes, it is possible, more riches await. Like this one:

With all those wonders, I couldn't resist diving, of course. I had been preparing for this moment, but I realized that it was the best way to spend your time here, so I even took the week to pass the Advanced Open Water PADI level, which allowed some extraordinary experiences, such as: 
- Diving by night. Marvellous. 
- Canyoning in the ocean. Thrilling
- Dancing with dolphins. Really emotional
- Spotting the Rays

But you have to remember to dive responsibly, otherwise, the maldivian government will remind yourself of it for you: exporting corals, even dead ones, leads to a fine of 2000 $ and a "temporary" travel ban of 5 to 10 years... 

So my last advice to you: you need to go to Maldives before the global warming takes this paradise away. Already several islands have disappeared, and all of them are threatened to have the same fate. So don't hesitate, you will not regret it, it is worth all the dollars (and there are a lot involved, that's true) you spent on it.

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