The excitement of doing things on your own

There it is. In one month I will be off to see the world all by myself, and I'm thrilled just thinking about it!
Even if "On my own" is for me one of the saddest songs of all musicals ever, doing things on your own is not. 

Creating something on your own, such as your first timelapse video gives you an incredible sense of accomplishment.
video coming soon...
Planning your trip on your own, choosing which places you will go, only on the basis of what you really like and want to do, this is even more amazing. Let me tell you something, I am right in this phase right now, planning my trip to Australia and Asia, and I am so excited about it that I nearly forget about the life I still have here!

Of course, travelling with a companion is great, I have done that for six years, and sure, it is good to share your emotions instantly with your travel companion. But I'm not sure it gives you the same pride, knowing that you did it on your own, and that it went pretty well. My goal is to forget about travel agencies, and to concentrate on what is locally available.

And look at it this way: would I have been able to seat on the co-pilot seat on the flightseeing tour I took on the whitsundays? Certainly not!

So yeah, it will probably be sad sometimes, but looking back, I know I will be so much more proud of having done this trip on my own, and right now, all I can think about is all the amazing things I will do because I want to do them.

Edit: I found this article that sums up the joy of solo travelling

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