Why London is such a great place to live in

Hello everyone! Just before my trip to the Philippines, I just wanted to share a few thoughts about how great London is. Lately I've been genuinely feeling in love with this city. And I cannot believe in 3 months it's going to be 2 years since I've started living here. It's going to be the longest I've stayed in one place since... 2010!

I'm not going to elaborate on all the things you can do in London, so many better writers have done it before me. I'm just going to explain why...

The main thing with London is that it is not afraid to change. In Europe, we are not developing countries. But that also means we are not really evolving either. Rome, Praha, Athens, they might be active capitals, but their city center is so full of history that evolution happens at the periphery. Reykjavik is a blooming city, with the suburbs development skyrocketing, but again, the city centre, while buzzing, is not really evolving.

And what about Paris? We are so afraid to change the buildings from the Haussmannian era that we have attributed one district, and only one - La Defense - to skyscrapers.

In London, I don't think I have ever seen so many construction sites going on at once. Near St Paul, you have a mix of glass modernity and ancient stones. Near the Shard, you have the remains of Middle Ages London. And it's constantly evolving, developing, changing.

Living in a city is like being in a relationship. You need some changes to keep things exciting. And London knows how to change its skin to keep on seducing you...

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