South Australia

I will not write a long article about South Australia, because I only saw a spec of what there is to see, but I really enjoyed it. I found the South Australian warm and welcoming despite the hard work of a farm, and even though what I saw of it was desert, they really make the most out of it.
I stayed 10 days at a HelpX farmstay, where I learned the easy way how it is to work in a farm (except when those stupid sheeps didn't see the gate that was right in front of them and I had to chase after them... but even that was fun!).
We had 2 days off work. The first one, a friendly neighbour (30km away) took us to Ngarkat Conservation Park, and then I realized how lucky I was to do what I was doing. I mean, he took us on dirt roads not a lot of people go to, among a vegetation that you see nowhere else, the experience was unforgettable.

The second day off, we went on a mini road trip from Keith (where the farmstay was) to Naracoorte, where the Victoria Fossil Cave is, then to Mount Gambier to see the not-so-blue Blue Lake, and then up the coast from Beach Port to Kingston. That was not breathtaking, but it was really nice indeed.

And then, after I left the farmstay, I went to Adelaide. What can I say? I think I had with Adelaide the feeling I should have had with Melbourne. An arty city center, a buzzing and local Central Market - and by local, I mean with Crocodile meat or Emu steaks, which are delicious by the way - and micro caf├ęs sprouting at every corner. The day at Gleneg, the local beach resort, did help me enjoy it and relax
how is that supposed to be Fall?!
Of course, I didn't go to Port Douglas, and I didn't have the budget to go on a tour to Kangaroo Island (which I really should have, according to the pictures I have seen...), so I can't yet write SA off my to-see list, but what I've seen just gave me enough to actually want to come back.

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