The Australian way

Since I won't write a post about Western Australia for a while, I wanted to share something that I love about Australians.
All you've ever heard about Australians is true. They are laid-back, warm-hearted (they actually say "hello" to people on the street!), and don't like splitting hairs. One of the finest example of this particular trait is the way they name things around them. Apart from "Kangaroo" which means "I don't understand" in Aboriginal, the whole country is named very... obviously. Just let me give you examples:
- A city in Tasmania called "Nowhere else"
- Another city in Western Australia called "Manypeaks", surrounded by... peaks
- A river in Western Australia called "Deep River"
- The beaches near Esperance called "West Beach", west from the city, and "Fourth beach" a bit further west after 2 other beaches.
- The mountains in "the Great Divide" that are called "Snowy mountains" for obvious reasons

Talking about the word "Great", some more geographical examples:
- The Great Ocean Road, of course
- The Great Ocean Drive, in the continuity of Highway 1 in Western Australia
- And up north, my personal favorite: The Great Sandy Desert. Could it be less specific?

I love it, it really is a reflection of the Australian way of thinking.

More about Western Australia in a while. Brace yourselves, it's going to be a long article, there is so much to see and do there, I am surprised so many people neglect it. The majority of the backpackers I've met so far were getting their second WHV, as if Western Australia was left to be seen when everything in the East was done. But then again, there is also so much to see and do in the East, it's enough for one vacation or for one year!

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