Photo of the Week - Friendly Beaches

As my trip is coming to an end, I have decided to feature one picture that for me represents one month of travelling. 
This week's picture was taken in February from Friendly Beaches, on the East Coast of Tasmania

For reasons I don't quite explain, that picture moves me much more than any I've taken in Tasmania. I have beautiful pictures of Cradle Mountain, Hobart and Wineglass Bay, but this is clearly my favorite. It was on a tour from Hobart to Wineglass Bay, and on the way back, as the rain started to pour, we stopped just for a moment at this secluded beach, and given the weather, we were the only ones there. It made for a very romantic set.
I also like the picture for its balance. The foreground is present but not invasive, whereas the background diffuses its poetic atmosphere.
What do you think?

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