Photo of the Week - Fuji-san

As my trip is coming to an end, I have decided to feature one picture that for me represents one month of travelling. 
This week's picture was taken in March from the 5-lake region of Mount Fuji

This is probably the toughest choice I will have to make for the POTW post. I mean, I had to choose between Thailand, Angkor Ha, and every lovely temple in Japan. But in the end, I chose this one, because Fuji-san is the rightful symbol of Japan, and Japan was personnally the most striking of the three countries I've visited in March, simply because I've wanted to go there for years.
The photo was taken from the bus that links Tokyo to Fuji-san. I was desperate because the weather so far was horrible, but as soon as we passed the tunnel, the sky was blue, and there was this very photogenic cloud above the volcano, my first view of it with my own eyes. As one of the passengers of the bus said: "Sugoi".
What do you think?

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